Monday, March 30, 2009


I decided.

I’m in.

I registered for the 2009 LA Marathon!!

It wasn’t really a tough decision after Sunday’s run. Of course, it helped to have the encouraging support of my dear friends, especially Kip, Kathleen and Jon. I think at this point I would be a little disappointed if I didn’t go for it and train all the way. So … I’m going to give it my best.

And Kip helped with the other big decision.

He ended the agonizing car search and bought the shiny black SUV from the Craigslist guy.

I spent the second half of this afternoon worrying about Kip as he drove around the hood with a manila enveloped, oddly marked “cookie money,” stuffed with three hundred and fifty $20 bills. I guess the bank was out of $100s in Inglewood.

But when he returned with this very LA vehicle, so unlike our humble van, I still wasn’t sure it fit us. At my 6-year-old son’s request we took it for a family spin around our neighborhood. And of course Kip insisted on me taking the wheel.

Strangely enough, I discovered that I actually really liked it!

All I ever wanted in my next vehicle was a one of those “beep-beep-key-chain” things (keyless entry) so I could open/lock the door easily. But this vehicle has that and a bunch of other little perks. It has what my kids call butt warmers. (Hey doesn’t everyone want a hot ass? -- couldn't resist.) And it actually reports how many miles are left on its tank of gasoline.

But now there is a new decision. After Kip brought the shiny new SUV home, he suggested that maybe we should fix the van after all -- for me -- and sell his old car. Nice one. That might have worked if he hadn't let me drive it.

What will be its name?

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