Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I've been wanting to blog for so long now it has become a running joke in my house.
"I'm going to start a blog," I promise in random conversations to friends. This is always followed by some description of a blog based on homeschooling, or movie review, or dating, or politics or faith. Or whatever.
At which point my friends always say, "You should do it!"
Which is enough to satisfy my blog yearning, and I never do it.
I do have reasons for not blogging. For one, everyone has a blog, and most are kind of boring. Not to mention the fact that Wired magazine has declared blogging -- so yesterday.
And then there is the old, "What will ?? think." But as the years have passed, my reasons for not blogging have grown to encompass not only my mother (hi mom!) but now also my daughter who is grown up enough to read my blog.
So ... yesterday my husband announced that he was going to start a blog. He even had a snazy name picked out, so I decided there is no time like now.
Here it is.
Hope you have a good laugh.


  1. Good Job!!! I'm so proud of you!

  2. I really like your intro. I like it when you read something someone has written, and it just feels like home, or a page out of your own brain, or some other version of your own brain, with more motivation and better read (I've never picked up a Wired Magazine - but if that's what they were saying about blogging 3 years ago, they can go suck it). So yes, I like it - hello new friend!