Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tim is a Married Man

A little over two years ago, my brother Tim announced that he had met the woman he was going to marry.

We didn’t believe him, of course. He had just met Heather.

But he knew.

And of course he was right.

On June 7th they got married on the beach in Santa Monica and I had the honor of being my brother’s attendant, his “best man.”

It's not just that I'm freezing. I'm hanging on to the rings for dear life. I don't want to drop them in the sand.
 I love how Tim is always amusing Heather. It seems like she is always laughing with him.

My entire family was in town for the occasion - my sisters, their husbands as well as my niece and nephew. All of my dad’s siblings were also there – his two sisters, their husbands and his brother and his wife, and several of their kids.

The wedding ceremony was simple and beautiful. We gathered at the end of the boardwalk and listened to them exchange vows to the backdrop of a dramatic cloudy sky.

And the reception afterward was supurb.

If you know Tim at all, you know he loves to throw a party. The food was exquisite, fitting the wedding of a rising chef. And there was wine and dancing too.

Our family comes from a long line of Baptist types, so the wine and dancing was a little new for us. My sister broke the ice with dancing at her wedding last month, and my parents even took dancing lessons to make sure they were in step for that one. So they were ready for the Beatles and Carpenter songs.

My sisters and me

It made me think of all the times Jesus described the Kingdom of God like a party – like a wedding reception. It’s kind of a hard concept to get unless you have ever been to a real party where everyone is completely enjoying themselves. And this was certainly that kind of party.

So congratulations to Tim and Heather!

Here are a few more pictures. Thanks especially to my sister Serenity who took most of these pictures!

Before the Wedding

My son getting ready to sweep up the sand before the wedding.

My mom and Kip's mom enjoying a moment before the wedding.
Getting ready ... That is my sister Kiesi and her family. Aunt Candy with the camera.
Kip and our son

The Wedding

Dad escorting me down the very long "aisle" boardwalk. I remember this from 16 years ago.

Watching the bride walk down the boardwalk.

Heather and her dad

Do you ....?

They do!

The three sisters and a very happy brother

Happy, freezing, but happy
Mom and Dad, a little windswept
The Married Couple