Friday, July 1, 2011

Waterfall Chasing in Flåm

When we arrived in Flåm we headed for the Youth Hostel and took a "quick" 20 minute refresher nap that turned into another frustrating 2 or 3 hour half-night sleep. Even after nearly a week in Norway we were still holding a strange sleep pattern.

But the great thing about Norway in June though is that even if you waste half the afternoon sleeping, you still get another 5 or 6 hours of sunlight. So after surveying the hostel we took off on a walk/hike to see the surrounding area and get a closer look at the waterfall we could see from behind the hostel.

Beautiful, clean hostel building in an amazing location.

We could see the waterfall from the road. How close could we get?

If I were a sheep, I'd be happy here.

We walked along the road for awhile until we came to a little trail going up the hill. We later learned from our hostel host that it was a very old path used by farmers to get their sheep up to greener pastures in the summer months, just like in novels.

This little lamb has a big playground.

The name of the waterfall

View of Flåm from the trail along the waterfall

As we were hiking we met this wonderful woman, the youth hostel host. She was 61 and apparently having knee replacement surgery next year. You would never be able to tell though. She was taking the mountain faster than us.

Flåm from even higher up the mountain

The sheep watched us make our way out of the woods, through their pasture and on home. Storybook beautiful!
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