Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On to Oslo

The train to Oslo
The day after the epic bike ride, we took the scenic Flåm Railway, up to Myrdal. We could see the road we had biked the day before and were amazed that we had made it all the way up. It was a much quicker journey, and when we got to Myrdal we transferred to a more modern train to Oslo.

Kip loves trains.
When we arrived in Oslo, we were greeted by "John" a  very friendly Romanian guy we had met in Flåm. Even though he had only been in Oslo a couple days, he seemed to really enjoy showing us around town. I was amazed at his ability to communicate in English even though it was his third or fourth language. Europeans always amaze me with their language abilities. 
John and Kip

In front of the palace. The guards were stoic, but let us pose for pictures.
John took us to Vigelandsparken, a famous park with hundreds (ok maybe dozens) of statues by Gustav Vigeland. The statues seem to depict human relationships from birth to death. It was interesting.


Is it super dad, or a man fighting off the responsibilities of parenthood?

After hours of walking around Oslo, Kip found some reasonably priced Indian food in the train station. He said it was the best meal in Norway. He is a man of spice.

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