Friday, July 1, 2011

Biking in Norway: Part 2

The pictures speak for themselves. We just kept climbing up in elevation. It was turning out to be a very tough ride, but we were addicted to the scenery.

That is a real smile.

This is water flowing through a mountain.

And under a bridge..

This is a flock of goats, kept back from the world by a little gate with a polite sign in English "Please shut the gate after you go through." I love the implication that people will naturally be respectful and shut the gate. It's a glimpse of the New Earth.

I was a little nervous at first.

It took a little convincing these gentle animals that we really were going to shut the gate and not let them out.

You can see how high the road is climbing.

The train rumbles on  up to Myrdal. We are less than half way there at this point.
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