Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Sail of the Year

On Saturday we took the sailboat out for the first time this year.

As our son announced, several times actually, "This is the best sailing trip of the year and the worst sailing trip of the year."

The waves and wind were gentle, so our son was able to relax and even enjoy a new set of binoculars. Kip was happy because there was enough wind to sail and not have to use the little outboard motor.

Several months ago we realized that these little sailing trips were more fun if we brought along a friend for our daughter. We asked two different families this time and got two girls, so the girls had their own little party on the bow.

Girl time

It was a nice smooth sailing start to the New Year.

Kip and our little guy.
Kip, our son and our friend Jon

Jon's sweet daughter

Kip and me

Beautiful sunsets never get old.

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  1. loved the pictures. I want to go with you someday. I know i always say no but keep asking one of these day i will say yes! miss you guys hope you are enjoying the rain.