Monday, July 6, 2009

Fouth of July Weekend

Friday afternoon we drove down to San Diego for Beautiful Criminal’s second gig at the San Diego Fair. The drive took a whopping four hours, in nasty Southern California holiday weekend traffic. But the show was totally worth it.

I enjoyed not only the guys’ music, but also having an opportunity for the kids to participate in their dad’s show. (We ran the merchandise table while the guys played.)

Often band shows mean time away from Kip or getting a very late night babysitter, which can be fun but stressful for me. So I particularly appreciated the "family friendly" aspect of these fair shows.

After the concert we met up with our friend Suzanna and her husband Jason, who just got married last month in La Jolla. They shared their favorite Carlsbad Mexican restaurant with us and we had a very late night feast before heading back up to LA.


I felt that we should do something meaningful to commemorate our nation’s birth, our history, our freedom. The kids and I have been studying American history this year in “school”, and we have just made it through the American Revolution. But I was exhausted from our San Diego night and so we pretty much did nothing significant most of the day.

Saturday night we went to our friends Jon and Cindy’s house for an awesome Fourth of July party, complete with BBQ, pool party, fireworks, lots of music and even late night Michael Jackson tribute dancing.

I was having too much fun to get any party pictures, but that might be a good thing.

was another rest day as we spent most of the day cleaning up and relaxing, playing Yahtzee with the kids on the porch, going to church in the evening.

Once again I’m thankful for a great family, wonderful friends and a great country to live in. I know that I have been given a lot in life and I hope that my life gives back.

BTW -- I do have pictures of the San Diego show on my camera, but sadly, it is not letting me retrieve pictures. Maybe by tomorrow I'll have it figured out.

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