Sunday, June 27, 2010

Back Blogged

When I get back blogged, or back logged in blogs, it is usually because I'm too busy living things to blog. Or just as likely, my perfectionism is holding my writing hostage, waiting for the ransom of just the write combination of words to accurately express the imaginations of my heart.
uhhh ... like that one
(My 11-year-old daughter, reading over my shoulder just said, "No offense, Mom, but that is really cheesy." Poor kid, she says that alot these days.)
I have posts in process on my brother's wedding, which was absolutely beautiful, the 24-hour Tokyo adventure and even our trip to Zion National park in late May. But this time the blog updates are being held hostage by my computer which ate all the pictures.
I downloaded pictures from our better camera onto our desk computer, and then the power supply died. So, I am waiting on a new power supply. In the meantime, I will try to update with thoughts from the last few days ... if I can find the write poetry to put it all in motion.

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