Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just a Quiet Day

Boys enjoying the foggy afternoon on Monday.

It was just a quiet day here.

My son woke up with an upset stomach and complained that he wasn’t feeling well, so I decided to stay home instead of attending our weekly community Bible study. I hated to miss, especially since I missed last week because I was feeling under the weather. But it seemed like the right thing to do. Everyone is so worried about the flu.

After a few hours he was fine, not really energetic, but fine.

We read books, watched a PBS documentary on Sacagawea, used our new Rosetta Stone Spanish program. I taught our son how to “carry.” I think it is officially called addition with regrouping now. It is one of those concepts that takes a few tries to sink in, and then it all makes sense. He explained it all to Kip over dinner.

This afternoon, after watching the documentary on Sacagawea, my daughter said, "I wish it was a movie so we could see what she looks like."

What do you mean?

"I'd just like to see more than just her hair."

That's when I realized that both documentaries we watched used voice over narration with either drawings, or even worse, Native American actresses with wind blown hair silhouetted in the sunset.

Where was the face of Sacagawea? I don't think there has ever been a feature film of her either.

Other than that, it was just a quiet day.

When the fog rolled in mid afternoon it felt like a snow day back East.

I wonder if I’ll remember today ten years from now.


  1. Theresa not just a quiet day, but one of fulfilling relationships with your children. God has more than blessed you. love Mom

  2. You should check out National Geographic's Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West. I haven't watched this whole thing, but saw parts of it on the NatGeo channel, and liked what I saw. You can check out parts of it at www.nationalgeographic.com/lewisandclark/movie.htm

    Hope all is going well!